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Are you a good writer? Been playing RPGs so much you think you could write one? Not pleased with the way your favorite anime ended? Write your own story!! Unlike most fanfic pages that bore you with their own stupid stories, all fanfics on this page are by YOU!!! Well, not you, but people like you who come to this site.

So sit down and think. Write a story!! Anime or Video game related would be nice, but it's up to you. From The Slayers to Silent Mobius! From Sailor Moon to Evangelion!

The fanfic board: Matron Europa's fanfics
Rules and How to Submit

To submit a fanfic, you can post it on the message board. If it passes the following requirments, I will aprove it and it wil be posted.

1) The message title should say what series the fanfic is based on and if it contains spoilers (secrets that might ruin the surprise for someone who hasn't seen the series yet). You can also give it a name if you want. So, a message title might look like this:

Evangelion: The 12th Child Ch.1 *spoilers*

Final Fantasy 7: Aftermath (SPOILERS)

2) There is only one rule on the content, NO HENTAI! (That's porn in otaku language) I also don't like yaoi very much.

3) Write your story and click submit!

4) If your story has several chapters, write it in the form of a thread by replying to the last chapter you wrote

5) Criticism is allowed, but only if I think it's appropriate. If you don't ever write anything on the board, you have no right to criticise.

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